Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Ok so I have been spending a lot of time working on my thesis which happens to be about the construction of race in this country. So I have also been watching the news to keep up on the Hurricane in the south. Boy has that given me something to write about. Did anybody else see the pictures of the black woman and the white woman coming out of the stores with baby formula... maybe someone can explain to me why the white woman was "doing what she needed to do for survival" and the black woman was "looting and rioting." I don't get it. I have had many conversations with people recently about my thesis and about the Hurricane and sombody please tell me why nobody can see how racially charged this Hurricane experience has been. Letting alone the incident on the news which I just spoke of above but New Orleans and the surrounding areas are heavly populated with African Americans and for some reason, it took days to deploy the coast guard down there for emergency rescue, the emergency rescue missions were stopped because peope were looting.. of course they are looting... they have NOTHING to survive on. What did you expect them to do. The stores are all flooded anyway does it really matter much if a woman is taking formula to keep her baby alive and more importantly is that really a reason to stop trying to rescue people who are drowning. There have been more and more reports about how big a catastrophe this is and how many people are going to be dead at the end of it... not hundreds but thousands... oh well what a shame maybe we should go tend to the looters instead of pulling people out to the water. How does someone's brain work like this. Is it more important to arrest people for doing what they need to do to survive or to save more people. I dont' get it. When is the madness going to end. When are people going to wake up and smell the coffee. Alot of what happened could have been avoided... alot of the damage and definitly a lot of the deaths but when you are dealing with a bigoted gov't headed by the biggest bigot of our time and you are talking about a place that is mostly african american people... i guess I see how it happened. Oh well I got to go... more to come... I hope.