Monday, May 23, 2005


Ok so I am currently sitting at the computer at school trying to print my hw for the night. Yes that's right... summer classes have begun and are in full swing already. The computer is being stupid... whenever I try to print I am getting a message saying that the document exceeds the # of pages allowed or some shit like that. I didn't write it I'm just trying to print it... ahh not fair... If I don't get this to print I dont know what I am going to do because I need it for tomorrow. Anyway so here is what's new in life. I started classes today. Fun stuff as usual. bren is at work right now and we have a babysitter for Jessie so that I can have some time for hw and thesis and stuff of that nature. I have a feeling that I am in for a very full summer. Ok well what else... it feels so good to be out of the house. I am convinced that I was completely losing my mind because there was just nothing to do anymore and Jessie although I love her to death was driving me nuts... just too much time in the house I guess so hopefully school time and stuff like that will help. Midnight is doing well. He is listening a lot better, sleeping through the night and all... it's great. Very few accidents.. again a plus. Bren is doing well too. Even though today was the first day I think that she is really enjoying her new work schedule. It gives her a little bit of time to be home during the day and get some stuff done that she needs to do and god knows that I love not having to get up at 4:45 every morning. So that's working out well all around. Jessie has field day tomorrow at her school so bren and I are going and we are competeing. That should be fun. I told bren we are probably the best parents to be competing so we signed up lol. Ok well I guess I really should try to figure out a way to print this so I will talk to you all soon. Lots of Love... Peace

Saturday, May 14, 2005

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Friday, May 13, 2005


ok so here it is... we figured it out!!! Last night we figured out a routine for midnight that helps him to sleep through the night. If you don't let him nap between 8 and 11 and you play with him a bit then by the time 11 o'clock roles around he is so tired that he sleeps through the night... success. We had a our first decent nights sleep in a while thanks to that oh yeah so good a nights sleep that Jessie was a little late for school cause we all over slept. Hey I think we needed it and she'll only be like 5 mins late anyway. So Bren and Jessie are on their way to school and I am using this time to catch up on the things that I wanted to do... like blog. The puppy is definitly doing so much better. He hasn't been having the accidents in the house really and now with the sleeping through the night that we are keeping our fingers crossed that he continues to do ... all is well. We bought some flowers yesterday to plant in the front yard to spruce it up a little bit but I think we got a frost last night so we had to pull all of the flowers in and off the porch for now. This weather is crazy I mean it's 80 one day and like 30 the next... something has to give. Bren works today from 2-10:15 and I am going to have jessie and Dolores. Dolores is the 3 year old daughter of one of Bren's coworkers and she needed somebody to watch her today so that she could work some extra hours.. we figured since they have watched Jessie for us more than once... why not. So that should be fun... I bit exhausting cause that means a 3 year old, a 6 year old and a puppy but all is good... and it shouldn't be that bad. Ok well as a sims update cause that is what I am about to do... bren and I are both old now... we have a kid named Jamie and Jessie is an adult. We moved into a huge house but don't have the money to furnish it.. oh well.... such is life. Talk to you all later. it's SIMS TIME!!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2005


Ok.. tired oh so tired. Dog kept me up all night last night and then Jessie kept me up this morning. I can't wait for brenda to start working nights... this 5:30 bullshit has got to go. So I am sitting here after taking brenda to work at 5:30 and Jessie to school for 9:00, took Brenda from breakfast at work and now it is a little bit of blog time for me then school work. So speaking of school.. in order to graduate this summer here is the list of things I must do...
1) Finish incomplete for Colins and hope that she grades it (doing that today)
2)Take classes over the summer
3) Finish up my incomplete for nutrition over the summer
4) Get in my paperwork by the begining of July
5) And last but definitly not least, what promises to be the hardest part of my summer... my senior thesis. There is something really daunting about writing a 50 page paper... I don't know if it is just me but damn.

Ok so that wraps up school... as for last night.. the couple of hours that I did actually manage to sleep I had a really bad dream... well if you want to know what it was ask and if I deam you worthy... I shall tell you but believe me when I tell you it sucked.

The house is coming along nicely... I am quite pleased. I love having a porch and a yard... it's great. Jessie is enjoying the time she gets outside too which is always a good thing.

Oh and then there is this... because of the new computer I have been able to rediscover sims but this time it is in the form of Sims 2... ok well first things first... brenda hates it... mostly because I play it ALL THE TIME! but as usual I am addicted. Right now Bren and I live in a 2 bedroom house. Jessie is completely grown up but is still living with us and we have a brand new baby girl... Jamie. It's really cute they grow up in this version... man it's great... oh and in case I forgot to mention Bren and I are also only 5 days away from being considered elders but lord knows that by our lifestyle that won't be much of a change... Let me know if you want to be added into the sims game... it could happen. Oh another interesting thing that came out of the sims game. Bren and I discussed baby names and we have successfully named our first born son. Robert Edward Dean-Stein. So if you know us well enough I am pretty sure you can figure out where these names came from. If not... well keep guessing and maybe we will tell you. Luv you lots