Saturday, December 11, 2004

more politics

So.. as I am sure most of you have heard a couple of days ago the US embassy in Saudi Arabia was bombed by Al Qieda. Gee I wonder how this happened? I thought we were supposed to be free from terror under Bush... what happened to that? Well let me just tell you. We are in Iraq fighting a war for oil that has nothing to do with the terrorist attacks that are going on against our country. We are deploring more and more troops into action in Iraq and we are neglecting the real threat which is none other than Bin Laden... well woopty doo we caught Sadam Husein and we have just left Bin Laden.. you know the guy who started this whole mess off and running so that he can continue to terrorize the US without any hinderance whatsoever. Maybe if we had our troop where they should be in Afghanistan looking for Bin Laden instead of over in Iraq killing innocent civilians and fighting over THEIR oil we would have caught Bin Laden already and the terrorist attacks would not still be going on. But alas our fearless leader has decided that it is more important to finish daddy's unfinished business than to keep the US safe from attacks... let me ask you.. if the terrorism is still going on than please let me know where all that money for homeland security and the war on terror is going... I just don't know hmmm? could it be more lies from our president? Maybe. The world may never know... Oh wait, sorry my mistake, the US may never know. The world already has a pretty good idea of what's going on with the US and yet the US civilians seem to have no clue... (read a foreign news sourse if you don't believe me). Welcome to a new Bush error. More wars, more terror, more discrimination oh and lets not forget... LESS RIGHTS!!! all you Bush supporters give yourself a swift kick in the ass for me cause I know 9 out of 10 of you voted for him for fear of terror and his second term hasn't even started yet and the rest of the world is so angry with us for re-electing him that well the terror has started already. Never mind I will do it for you :: KICK ::

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Political 3

Ok... so I have had a couple of women who voted for Bush tell me that they think that their abortion rights are secure even with Bush in power... well here's an update for the dissillusioned.

"Without much fanfare and media attention, yesterday PresidentBush signed into law the Weldon Amendment, or so-called"Abortion Non-Discrimination Act" (ANDA). As you know, this latest attack on women's rights allows institutions to refuse to comply with existing or future laws that protect women's access to abortion services. It also allows health care institutions to refuse to give women full information about all of theiroptions. PPFA and others will be working to see the law blocked in thecourts or repealed in Congress, where Senate Majority LeaderBill Frist (R-TN) has promised Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) avote to repeal the bill. "

Ok... so let's break this down for everybody. The law states that Doctors are required to give patients accurate and complete medical advice. They are, by law required to discuss all options with a patient. ANDA basically eliminates that service to pregnant women. This law allows doctors to refuse to discuss abortion with their patients and to withhold information from them. This is just the first step people... where is the outrage, where is the activism? Just because I am a woman does not mean that I do not deserve the same rights as everyone else when it comes to my health care. As of right now (and I did choose these words carefully), abortion is not illegal and doctors should not be able to pick and choose whether they are going to present there patients with all of their health care options or not.

Oh and to all you people that believe that abortion is under no such attack even in light of the signing of ANDA let me explain the supreme court to you. There are 9 people that sit on the supreme court at all times. They are appointed for life and therefore serve until they die or they resign. Roe v Wade (the case that legalized abortion in the first place) hangs on by a 5-4 majority as we speak. Right now, one conservitive judge is looking at resigning his post which is not a big deal because Bush will obviously replace him with another conservative judge and not much will change.... BUT there are two liberal judges that are in there late 80's and as one of the proffesors at my university pointed out... I don't want my rights resting on the life of an 85 year old man. If either of these two liberal judges pass away or choose to resign their posts within the next 4 years while Bush is in office he will replace them with conservitive judges as well making it either 6-3 or 5-4 against Roe v. Wade. This is a scary time to live in history people. Speak out... let your voices be heard and for God sakes.... don't just roll over and die. Our country is about to be set back a good thirty years in the struggle for women's rights... STEP UP and BE HEARD!!!

And as it was put so eloquently in If These Walls Could Talk II "I'm not protecting my Right to screw Frat Boys" Pick up the torch for your rights people...

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

You Are the Cranberry Sauce

A little sweet, a little sour - you've got the flava!Though, you do tend to squish in people's mouths...
What Part of Thanksgiving Are You?

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

This one's for you...

name: Lori
name backwards: iroL
Date of birth: 6-10-83
male or female: female
astrological sign: Gemini
nicknames: Hun, funk master butch
occupation: Student, although I have held a huge array of jobs in my life
height: 5'4"
hair color: brown
eye color: brown
where were you born? White Plains, NY
where do you reside now? Buffalo
screen names: Kinkylori610... yeah I know I know its an old HS name...damn aol
pets: Munchkin, Boomer, Speck, Koopa
piercings: 4 on one ear, a barbell and 3 on the other ear and an eyebrow ring
tattoos: yup
shoe size: 10-11
right or left handed? right
wearing: Jeans, rainbow brite socks, and an old navy baseball tee
listening to: Jessie's cartoons
How do you feel: ok
eating/drinking: the munchkin is but I'm fine
have you ever been in love? yes
how many people have you told "i love you" and meant it: oh maybe 4
have you ever kissed someone of the same sex: hell yea
what type of guy/girl do you usually go for: oh god I couldn't even begin... femmes I guess?
do you have a bf: no but I have a girl friend does that count?
do you have a crush right now: yes, see above question
do you believe in love at first sight: not really
do you remember your first love: yes
do you believe in fate: not really except some coincidences are quite astounding
do you believe in soul mates: maybe
if so, do you believe you'll ever find yours: I hope I did
how many siblings do you have: 1
what are your parents names: Carole and Drew
what are your siblings names: Sharon
how many siblings does your mother have: 1
how many siblings does your father have: 2
where are your parents from: One born in Buffalo, Ny one in White Plains, Ny
does your family get together for holidays: yea
do you have a drunk uncle: not that i know of
any medical problems run through your family: of course
do you have any nieces or nephews: nope
are your parents divorced: no
do you have step parents: no
color: I love all the colors of the rainbow
food: ravioli
song: too many to list
singer: Melissa Ferrick
animal: dogs or cats
movie: hmmm too many
pair of shoes: anything that keeps my feet dry and warm
actor: Nicole Kidman and Lori Petty
drink: Pepsi and water
alcholic drink: alcohol... what's that? Oh yea... Long Island Iced Tea baby
holiday: Christmas
perfume/cologne: For me... Eddie Bouer Classic Men and on others... Velocity seems to be the trend
lunch meat: salami
board game: monopoly and Trivia Pursuit
cereal: rice crispies
dessert: ice cream cake
disney character: Eeyore
clothing store: old navy
teacher: (what was that about)... umm I would have to say Beth
salad dressing: Red Wine Vinegrett
season: summer
what color are your bedroom walls:white
do you have posters on your wall: yes
of what: germany flag... gay pride flag... dart board... kiss poster... the harder you work the luckier you get poster... Bitch and Animal, Melissa Ferrick and Cold Mountain
do you have a tv in your bedroom: yup
how many pillows are on your bed: as many as possible
what do you normally sleep in: is it cold? I don't know... something comfy
do you have your own phone line in your bedroom: no
do you listen to music while trying to fall asleep: not any more
describe the last nightmare you had: no thanks
do you sleep with stuffed animals: no
how many people can comfortably sleep in your bed: If comfort is taken into account... 2
do you sleep in any unusual positions: sometimes
do you have to share your bedroom with a sibling: nope
do you have an alarm clock in your room: yup
what color is the carpet in your room: hardwood floor
what's under your bed: a bunch of crap
coke/pepsi: pepsi
doughnuts/bagels: bagels
day/night: nite
wicked witch of the east/wicked witch of the west: both
hamburgers/hotdogs: hamburgers... unless I am at a sporting event
rap/rock: rock
britney/christina: neither
silver/gold: silver
mcdonalds/taco bell: both
sweet/sour: sweet
hot/cold: HOT!
winter/summer: summer
spring/fall: spring
operas/plays: plays
read/watch tv: Read... but who has time for that on top of school work
cd's/tapes: cds
dvd's/vhs: dvd
shorts/skirts: Shorts... what the hell is a skirt anyway!
colored pictures/black and white photos: both
meat/vegetables: meat
mexican food/chinese food: both
scary movies/comedies: both
dogs/cats: both
unicorns/fairys: neither
water/land: both
sugar/spice: sugar
chicken/beef: chicken
colored christmas lights/regular white christmas lights: colored
cars/trucks: car
popcorn/pretzels: pretzles... unless it is that cool popcorn that comes in the tin at christmas time!
back rub/foot massage: back rub
picture frames/photo albums: both but I like to definitly like to have frames out
pens/pencils: pens
what do you think of when you hear these names?...
jack: jill
tiffany: kate
ben: and Jerry's
maria: I dont know
jennifer: Feb 14, 2005 lol
nicole: where are you?
joel: stupid kid from hs
kevin: Anne
jake: kid from my class I taught
heather: Smith
been to a foreign country: yup
broken a bone: yup... well if fractures count
cap/filling: fillings
swear at a teacher: Mr. Pohl... anybody remember him... I'm sure I did at some point in time
got in a fist fight: yes
dated a teacher: no :)
gone skinny dipping: no
told a little white lie: anyone who says no is lying
stolen anything: yes... by accident
miss used a swear word and it sounded absolutely stupid: probably
been on tv: yup, I think
been on the radio: no
been in a mosh pit: yup
been to a concert: yes
broken the law: yep
been to a rodeo: no... thank god
been on a talk show: no
been on a game show: no
been on an airplane: yep
been close to dying: nope can't say I have
cheated on a significant other: No... cheating is wrong
gave someone a piggy back ride?: yep
dream that your falling off a cliff: yep
snuck out of the house at night: nope.. I'm a good girl
been so drunk you don't remember your name: no
felt like you didn't belong?: Well isn't' that the story of hs
felt like the 3rd wheel: yup that sucks, welome to 9th grade
smoked: yes
done drugs: wow it's been a while
been arrested: no
had your tonsils removed: nope
kissed in the rain: pretty sure
slow danced with someone you love: i dont dance unless drunk
watched the sunset/rise with someone you love: not that I can think of
gotten a speeding ticket: yup
done jail time: no
had to wear a uniform to work: yes
won a trophy: yea
failed/got held back: not until college :(
attempted suicide: hell no
did you play with barbies: yes
did you own treasure trolls: yes
did you watch beverly hills 90210: yes
did you watch fraggle rock: yea
did you believe there were monsters in your closet or under your bed: no, no monsters just bad people
shy: sometimes
were you spoiled: yeah to some degree
were you abused: no
did you go to the circus: yea
did you go to the zoo: yup
were you in a car accident: yea
did you build snowmen: yes
did you think slinkies were cool: yea
were you afraid of the dark: not really
did you believe in the easter bunny/santa clause/and the tooth fairy: yea probably
nationality(s)? 50% Italian, 25% German, 1/8 french, 1/8 Native American... something like that
who is your best friend? currently or in the past... too many to list
m&m's or skittles? m&m's
stay up late or wake up late? both
is it pop or soda? Soda... N'sync wasn't singing about soda... POP is an ACTION
x or o in tic-tac-toe? X
hugging or kissing? depends on my mood... usually kissing
root beer or dr. pepper? root beer
ocean or pool? ocean all the way
lights on or off? off
chicken or fish? chicken
number?11& 4
if you could be anywhere, where would you be? North Hampton, MA
you talked to? Munchkin
you hugged? munchkin
instant messaged? um i dont know
yelled at?munchkin, but not too bad
you laughed with? Bren
considered being a hooker? no not really
anxiety? um yea
open-minded? more than most
interesting? I'd like to think so
hungry? a little
friendly? usually
smart? i graduated didnt i?
moody? at times
childish? I'm 5 years old
independent?i try to be
hard working? usually
organized? try to be... doesn't really work
healthy? basically yea
difficult? i can be
attractive? Of course... I'm one sexy bitch
thirsty? sorta
responsible? try to be
Have you ever fallen in love with a friend? yes
been used? way to much
done something you regret? If you know me you know what it is... if not... too bad

This one's for you...

Friday, November 19, 2004

New Political Topic up for discussion...

So after the election blog and how well recieved that seemed to be I am offering up another piece for political discussion. I was introduced to this song in my feminist theory class and I think it is extremely powerful and since the topic of how great our country is came up I would like to offer this up as a debate to really look behind the facade of our "great country" enjoy...

"So, what does globalization have to do with you? Have you ever thought about where your shoes come from? Not just where they are made, but where do the materials come from? Who constructs your shoe? What about your food? Who raises your food? Who engineered your produce? What pesticides were involved? Who plucked it from the ground? The following lyrics are from a song about a journey of a shirt.

Are my hands clean?

I wear garments touched by hands from all over the world.
35% cotton, 65% polyester, the journey begins in
Central America
In the cotton fields of El Salvador
In a province soaked in blood,
pesticide-sprayed workers toil in a broiling sun
Pulling cotton for two dollars a day

Then we move on up to another rung-Cargill
A top forty trading conglomerate, takes the cotton thru
the Panama Canal
Up the Eastern seaboard, coming to the U.S. of A. for
the first time

In South Carolina
At the Burlington mills
Joins a shipment of polyester filament courtesy of the
New Jersey petro-chemical mills of Dupont

Dupont strands of filament begin in the South
American country of Venezuela
Where oil riggers bring up oil from the earth for six
dollars a day

Then Exxon, largest oil company in the world
Upgrades the product in the country of Trinidad and
Then back into the Caribbean and Atlantic Seas
To the factories of Dupont
On the way to the Burlington mills

In South Carolina
Burlington factories hum with the business of weaving
oil and cotton into miles of fabric for Sears
Who takes this bounty back into the Caribbean Sea
Headed for Haiti this time
May she be one day soon free

Far from the Port-au-Prince palace
Third world women toil doing piecework to Sears
For three dollars a day my sisters make my blouse
It leaves the third world for the last time
Coming back into the sea to be sealed in plastic for me
And I go to the Sears department store where I buy my
On sale for 20% discount

Are my hands clean?

Thursday, November 18, 2004


So... today was interesting... I woke up at about 7:20 got Jessie up and drove Bren to work then Jess and I got ready for school and I took her to school so we could drop off her family turkey project which if I might say so myself was amazing. Anyway so then from there I went to get some Timmy Ho's and headed over to school... sat in the car for about an hour doing some reading... if you people haven't checked out the book "When Heaven and Earth Changed Places" you should it's amazingly written. Yeah so then I went to class and headed out to get Bren from work at about 12... we came home and planned a few things out and then we get a call... Jessie had a half day and we forgot so we went to get her from the bus and she played for a little while while bren and I packed up the cats for yet another trip to the vet... the vet said that he was just going to give speck a booster shot but then when we got there she all of a sudden needed a deworming too which meant an extra $50 and so the price of the visit doubled... you got to love vets... they're just like car mechanics they stick it to you however they can. Then we head over to get Bren's check from work and head to the bank only to find out that they gipped her about $75 dollers which puts us about $125 in the whole for the month... living in debt is always fun... we head home and get some dinner and I start with some HW but you know me... procrastination is my middle name and here I am at 10:30 still procrastinating and still not done. Bren is asleep behind me and I just want to go to bed and cuddle up with her but alas there is more work to be done before that is feasible. Tomorrow shall be just as hectic as today. I have 4 classes from 9:30am til 9:30pm plus a little running around in between. I love my life.
So after I am on campus all day I am going to come home and put Jessie to bed so that Bren can go out with some of her friends. I know she wants to see mel and in all honesty I'm fine with that. I know that she feels like she doesn't get to see her friends anymore and that makes me sad :( I want her to be happy. And although the whole mel thing is still weird I would honestly rather have her hang out with mel than not. It will make her happy and I trust her. It was actually kinda funny cause she told me she was gonna do laundry after I got back from class tomorrow night which if you know Bren at all you would know is nothing like her so I was just like... really soo who is going with you? ::smirk:: "I dont know what you are talking about" Well I know Bren well enough to know that she doesn't really do much on her own... especially spend the night at a skeavy laundrymat... so finally I go "Mel's going with you isn't she" "maybe" so yeah that was my answer right now.... she's so cute and so damn readable. I love this girl with all my heart. I dont know how I got by without her. All I have to do is look at her to bring a smile to my face. So while she is out having a good time tomorrow night I will get some work done so that I can spend some time with her when she gets back.. sounds like a fair deal to me. I wish she knew that she could just tell me that she wants to hang out with mel instead of having me infer it but eh whatever. I think its pretty much a good thing. Apparently, Jackie still has a problem with Mel seeing me or Bren which I just think is ridiculous but whatever to each their own right? I'm not about to tell my GF who she can be friends with... it's not my style! So that's the plan for tomorrow which is cool...
I have a busy week ahead of me... I have 2 final research papers due before thanksgiving break and then a whole lot of make up work to do over the break so that's gonna be fun. We are gonna leave Jessie up at Bren's mom's for the weekend so that things can get accomplished so hopefully after that I will be all caught up and then I can relax durring the break between semesters... well all except for that pesky incomplete that I should be trying to get rid of. Oh well... thus is life.. soon I shall graduate and put all this shit behind me and enter the REAL WORLD!!! pshh I would take a job over this anyday. I mean I love to learn stuff but the HW is killer I just wish at the end of a long day that I was done instead of having more and more stuff to do when I get back home. Well thus is school and soon I will be done... at least for the time being. Anyway... I guess it is about time for me to at least finish the paper I am working on before I curl up with my Cuddle Bear. So until I write agian... goodnight!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Go Fag

Hey all just a little update cause I haven't been writing very often. F.A.G. the Feminist Action Group that I am in had a day of mourning today. This was a day set up to show our rage and dissapointmen at the outcome of the election and to mourn the death of our rights and our soldiers in Iraq. It was surprisingly a very successful event. There was a great turn out and we definitly turned alot of heads. Masani spoke... that's right.. the one and only Alexis "Masani" Devoux... who I know personally lol... (I've been spanked by Masani lol) She was amazing. We held a rally outside of the student union and symbolically burned our rights in an oil drum which I must say was a very good idea. We were once again covered by the school newspaper the spectrum, and all of this was followed by an open mic speak out where many MANY people took the mic and said their piece. It was a great day. We then marched through the student union, The Center of the Arts and Alumni Arena. I must admit that the students opening up the doors to their classrooms and cheering us on was an inspiration to all of us. Congrats to all of the F.A.G members you have once and again lifted my spirits and shown me that there are people out there that actually care and think the same way I do.
On another note everything in my life has been going pretty well. Jessie and Bren are the light of my life. School is quite a lot to deal with and Bren has been doing everything she can to help out which I thank her for. I dont know what else to say right now cause it is 12am and I need to be up to take bren to work at 5:30 so I should be sleeping. I just want to curl up and cuddle so I will write again soon. :)

Friday, November 05, 2004

Ok so this one isn't so political

Anyway, life is good. Bren and I watched LJ all day today from about 7:30am to about 2:30pm and that was fun. Hopefully that will become a semi-regular thing... he's sooo cute. So of course I am still upset about the election but the anger has subsided and now it is more about the whole fear for your life type of thing. But enough about that I am not feeling sooo political today. I am taking a time out for a while to write... Jessie is in the other room watching Shrek and all is going pretty well here. I feel like I can't sit still though... there is way too much to do. Between taking care of the munchkin, taking care of Brenda and taking care of myself it doesn't leave much time for the other things that go along with life. The apt is a disaster and I spent the good majority of the night putting away clean clothes and starting to get the dirty clothes packed up for tomorrow. I assume I will have to wait til after the munchkin goes to sleep. A little over an hour and I will be on my own again to get things done around here. I just can't sit still... ahhh the only thing that's running through my mind is the fact that I have to finish with the laundry, clean the living room, and all of that stuff. The cards in this room need to be taken care of so that we can use the closet and get them up on ebay... I don't know way too much to do here. Tomorrow should be good we are going up to visit grandma for the night. I have a lot of work to do though. I have to figure out how I am going to get all of my work for school done too. I got accepted to my major finally so that's good but it still means that there is a lot of work to be done. I have to make sure that Masani doesn't regret giving it to me this semester. Let's see what I would like to get done today....
8:00- doing this
8:30- storytime for munchkin and sleep for her
8:45- Back to work... finish with laundry in bedroom
Clean up bed... make bed... straighten room
10:15- Bren comes home... Bren time, possibly more work... bed while watching ELLEN!!!

Okay so there is the plan lets see how well I can stick to it.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Could you pick a better day to start a blog?

This rant is dedicated to all of the assholes who voted for Bush, family and friends alike:

I am EXTREMELY disappointed in this country. Do we have no backbone? Has this president instilled so much fear in us that we have too much fear to try a change? Watching the news right now... there is something about bush and victory in the same sentance that turns my stomache. Maybe I should have done this sooner but does anyone else in this country care about the extent to which bush's agenda is going to hurt us. Here are all of the things that this president (yes I refuse to say MY president) has succeded in over the last 4 years and thanks to all of you, we have 4 more years of it. bush has succeded in threatening my right as a woman to choose. passing the partial birth abortion law was the first step a review of roe v wade is not far to follow. He has taken away the rights of young adults world wide to a comprehensive sex education including alternatives and safe sex training and has pushed abstinence as the only option although we all know that this doesn't work. Apparently the defence of mariage act wasn't enough for bush... no he is trying to ammend the constitution to take away MY RIGHT TO MARRIAGE! sorry I have to go off on a rant on this one...
To all you fuckers who don't think that I deserve the right to marriage I would just like to say that your major fight is a religious one. There is a deffinite, well there's supposed to be a deffinite seperation of church and state and you can take your religious marriages. I wouldn't want to be married in your fucking church anyone, not mine and not anyone elses. I dont need the concent of your made up god I need the concent of the goverment. Although I dont' mind being invisible and not having this corrupt government validate and give their sanction to my marriage I would like to be able to see my WIFE in the hospital if she were to get sick, have the right to adopt her daughter and have the right to take her to the hospital and such if it ever comes to that, I would like to know that if anything happened to me my wife would not have to fight my family to keep our joint posessions and money. I want to know that when I am dying the person I LOVE could be at my side. I want the same tax breaks, health coverage, and insurance benefits that heterosexuals recieve. It's not about validation and it sure as HELL isn't about religion. I just want the same rights as everyone else. We are your daughters, sons, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, mentors etc. FIGURE IT OUT STOP DISCRIMINATING AGAINST YOUR OWN KIND and for god sake don't write discrimination into the constitution of this country. In light of this election 11 states banned same-sex marriages this morning... Don't tell me who and how to love.
It became blatently obvious to me today in my UGC211 class (American Pluralism) how many people still have the disilusioned view of America that we are somehow god's gift to countries. We are not the land of the free, we are not the country that always does the right thing. Come on people snap out of it... this land was not found it was taken over by killing the Natives and this kind of mentality has never stopped. We have repetitivly policed the world and tried to exert power that isn't ours to exert. History is just repeating itself. Look at vietnam people we are in another war that the world isn't behind us in and neither is this country. We are dying for LIES. Clinton lied about sex in the oval office and although I didn't like him.. why is it ok to lie about something that is getting thousands of americans killed. Although I have often disagreed with the politics in this country this is the first time I can honestly say that I have wished I lived in another country. I am SOOOO disappointed in this countries people and their representatives. Welcome to dictatorship everybody... there is no successful checks and balances system when the republicans own the house the senate and the white house... I leave you all with this... FUCK YOU!!!