Monday, July 25, 2005

Lori and Brenda's top 10 list of ways that Six Flags makes you feel OLD!!!!

Ok so on the way back from Darien Lake tonight Brenda and I came up with a list of about 25 ways that Six Flags can make you feel old.... here are our favorite 10... hope you enjoy and keep in mind that all 10 are true...

#10 The lazy river doesn't seem so lazy any more

#9 Going to the Park no longer leaves you energized and excited... instead it leaves you utterly exhausted

#8 You find yourself packing a cooler and sandwiches to avoid the extremely overpriced food items that your parents always tried to avoid buying

#7 You have become the person who buys the waterproof canister necklass to keep your money (and your cigarettes dry)

#6 You find yourself willingly making conversation with people twice your age

#5 You find todays bathing suits more than a bit too revealing

#4 You find yourself shaking your head numerous times at "the youth of today"

#3 You find yourself critiquing the safety of every ride you go on

#2 The water slides don't hold the same appeal for you because there is no way you could possibly make it up that many stairs 2 times in a row nevermind carrying the raft with you. (this applies to smokers and non-smokers alike)

#1 Your FAT ASS can't fit in the seats of all the rides!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Ok I will update as I usually do.. .

So here is life in a nutshell... well possibly a fairly long nutshell...

Ok so as far as school is concerned everything is going alright. I have about 15 pages done on my thesis so that is about half done. Beth is supposed to be finding out whether masani is reading and grading my paper or if she is this week so she can let me know next time we meet. All i have to say is that if it is the new chair and beth is wrong there is going to be hell to pay.. I do not like this lady. So far she has... cut beth from teaching, the 213 collective was shut down which was the class that most people entered the major through, she has Voichita teaching 101 which will have to take over that spot and draw people in.. but the curriculum for that course is drier than dry and at least I don't find Voichita to be the most welcoming of teachers, apparently she is thinking of canning Caroline (the assistant to the chair of our department), the nicest sweetest person you will ever meet, while Masani was trying to make her full time. Well I guess I will stop there... enough is enough of this shit. I am so glad that I am getting out of the department now and that I will have nothing to do with this chair. Besides she is a sociologist.. .that is how she made a name for herself not through women's studies and from what I and the people around me have seen she doens't hold true to any feminist ideologies. I still have to do and get in my nutrition labs because to be honest I really just haven't had the time to sit and get those done with all the other stuff I am doing right now in fact nutrition is worrying me the most out of anything that I have to get done this summer. Spanish is actually going pretty well. A friend of mine told me that it was going to be really dificult to do in the summer because of the amount of stuff you have to learn and the short time in which you have to do it but right now from my figuring I should have an A right now. So that about wraps up school right now...

Ok so I have been giving this a lot of thought lately. what am I going to do when I finally get done with school? Beth said that she can help me out in finding a job within my major and I am hoping that she comes through with that. In the meantime however I have an application that I am debating dropping off at the Wilson Farms across the street. For now it will at least be something and it will be convenient enough considering bren and I are working on one car. I have had the application for a couple of weeks now and I just haven't brought myself to turn it in yet. I guess I am just debating whether or not it's something I want to do. I mean a job is a job but at the same time I am about to graduate from college do I really want to be working a cash register again? Well only time shall tell how that pans out. I guess it wouldnt' be all that bad until I find something better.. .a little extra money in my pockets.

Well we just dropped jon and jessie back off at grandma's last night after a fun trip to Darien Lake with them. (check out my livejournal for my personal opinion) I think Jon enjoyed it and I know Jessie did. I just feel bad that we didn't get to stick to our plans and take the kids on monday like we wanted to but Bren's mom decided that Jon had to be back up earlier than she originally said. Oh well thus is life. Jessie either has really bad heat rash or really mild chicken pox but they don't seem to be getting any worse so I think we are deciding that it is heat rash. Oh well... i kinda wish it was chicken pox because at least then it would be over with it's better for her to get them when she is young and during the summer so she wouldnt' miss any school. Well I guess that is about it for the kids right now.

I guess that's about it for the update too... later


Ok so this is disgusting. I know that brenda blogged about this a couple of days ago and I am a little bit behind the ball but I'm sorry I can't just let this one slide by. Ok first of all the "gay panic" defence is just the same as "white fear" and I am writing a paper dealing with that right now. It's just amazing to me the things that can hold up and even be legitamate defences in our courtrooms. "White Fear" is basically a defence that says that the defendant was so afraid of said non-white (usually black) person that they felt as if they had to kill them. This is basically self-defence against someone's race. This defence can be and has been used and successful before in courts. I don't know what everybody else seems to think but to me... claiming this defence is basically confessing to a hate crime which should buy you more time in prison not get you off. If I am saying to you that I am so afraid of black people that I had to kill the one that was in front of me at the time... isn't that basically saying that you killed him because he/she was black? The same thing goes for "gay panic"... it goes something like this "oh my god I thought that guy was hitting on me so I killed him" or in this case "I thought my son might be gay so I beat him until he slipped into a coma and died" hmmm... doesn't that just scream hate crime!!! He KILLED HIS SON BECAUSE HE THOUGHT THAT THE 3 YEAR OLD WAS GAY!!! Come on people does anyone else see where I am going with this. First of all I wouldn't be surprised if he has or would be involved in ANOTHER hate crime against a gay person and lets be real either this guy has some pretty intence gaydar to pick up on a 3 year old OR he is a little too touchy about this issue. Ok so I guess that's it on my rant on this guy but there are just three words for this story... Oh My God!