Saturday, December 11, 2004

more politics

So.. as I am sure most of you have heard a couple of days ago the US embassy in Saudi Arabia was bombed by Al Qieda. Gee I wonder how this happened? I thought we were supposed to be free from terror under Bush... what happened to that? Well let me just tell you. We are in Iraq fighting a war for oil that has nothing to do with the terrorist attacks that are going on against our country. We are deploring more and more troops into action in Iraq and we are neglecting the real threat which is none other than Bin Laden... well woopty doo we caught Sadam Husein and we have just left Bin Laden.. you know the guy who started this whole mess off and running so that he can continue to terrorize the US without any hinderance whatsoever. Maybe if we had our troop where they should be in Afghanistan looking for Bin Laden instead of over in Iraq killing innocent civilians and fighting over THEIR oil we would have caught Bin Laden already and the terrorist attacks would not still be going on. But alas our fearless leader has decided that it is more important to finish daddy's unfinished business than to keep the US safe from attacks... let me ask you.. if the terrorism is still going on than please let me know where all that money for homeland security and the war on terror is going... I just don't know hmmm? could it be more lies from our president? Maybe. The world may never know... Oh wait, sorry my mistake, the US may never know. The world already has a pretty good idea of what's going on with the US and yet the US civilians seem to have no clue... (read a foreign news sourse if you don't believe me). Welcome to a new Bush error. More wars, more terror, more discrimination oh and lets not forget... LESS RIGHTS!!! all you Bush supporters give yourself a swift kick in the ass for me cause I know 9 out of 10 of you voted for him for fear of terror and his second term hasn't even started yet and the rest of the world is so angry with us for re-electing him that well the terror has started already. Never mind I will do it for you :: KICK ::

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Political 3

Ok... so I have had a couple of women who voted for Bush tell me that they think that their abortion rights are secure even with Bush in power... well here's an update for the dissillusioned.

"Without much fanfare and media attention, yesterday PresidentBush signed into law the Weldon Amendment, or so-called"Abortion Non-Discrimination Act" (ANDA). As you know, this latest attack on women's rights allows institutions to refuse to comply with existing or future laws that protect women's access to abortion services. It also allows health care institutions to refuse to give women full information about all of theiroptions. PPFA and others will be working to see the law blocked in thecourts or repealed in Congress, where Senate Majority LeaderBill Frist (R-TN) has promised Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) avote to repeal the bill. "

Ok... so let's break this down for everybody. The law states that Doctors are required to give patients accurate and complete medical advice. They are, by law required to discuss all options with a patient. ANDA basically eliminates that service to pregnant women. This law allows doctors to refuse to discuss abortion with their patients and to withhold information from them. This is just the first step people... where is the outrage, where is the activism? Just because I am a woman does not mean that I do not deserve the same rights as everyone else when it comes to my health care. As of right now (and I did choose these words carefully), abortion is not illegal and doctors should not be able to pick and choose whether they are going to present there patients with all of their health care options or not.

Oh and to all you people that believe that abortion is under no such attack even in light of the signing of ANDA let me explain the supreme court to you. There are 9 people that sit on the supreme court at all times. They are appointed for life and therefore serve until they die or they resign. Roe v Wade (the case that legalized abortion in the first place) hangs on by a 5-4 majority as we speak. Right now, one conservitive judge is looking at resigning his post which is not a big deal because Bush will obviously replace him with another conservative judge and not much will change.... BUT there are two liberal judges that are in there late 80's and as one of the proffesors at my university pointed out... I don't want my rights resting on the life of an 85 year old man. If either of these two liberal judges pass away or choose to resign their posts within the next 4 years while Bush is in office he will replace them with conservitive judges as well making it either 6-3 or 5-4 against Roe v. Wade. This is a scary time to live in history people. Speak out... let your voices be heard and for God sakes.... don't just roll over and die. Our country is about to be set back a good thirty years in the struggle for women's rights... STEP UP and BE HEARD!!!

And as it was put so eloquently in If These Walls Could Talk II "I'm not protecting my Right to screw Frat Boys" Pick up the torch for your rights people...