Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Human Rights Issues

Ok I was told tonight that I had to re-enter the blogging world because I was having so much fun looking at the Westboro Baptist Church website. I have to admit that I found it hilarious when I finally got to blogging and saw that my last blog was also a Human Rights Issue post. I guess we know what riles me up! Well the news in Buffalo is that the Westboro Baptist Church was here today protesting the funeral of Dr. Alison Des Forges a Human Rights Activist fighting to end the Rwanda Genocide. First of all I don't understand what they could possibly have against her especially since the first line in their explanation of their picket is that "God hates silly women" (WHAT!) This doesn't make a lot of sense not to mention that they must have missed the DR. in front of her name.. this is not some foolish person this is a well educated intellectual. This woman devoted her life to human rights and bettering the world and the thanks she and her family receives is picketers at her funeral... have some dignity for God's sake! But wait it gets better they are returning on Sunday for a double header in the area. They will be protesting the memorial service for the victims of the plane crash in Clarence and then moving on to protest the memorial service for Dr. Alison Des Forges. These people have got to get a life! This community has suffered a terrible tragedy and they have the nerve to come here and torment the families of the victims in their time of grief.. this is not the lord's compassion that we hear so much about. On their picketing schedule posted conveniently on their website for all those (like me) who have to check it out for themselves. They give an explanation (most of it in Bible Verse) of why they are protesting each event.. they have the nerve to refer to the victims of this tragedy as "burned, rotting corpses" Now I am all for the 1st amendment and freedom of speech but these people have taken it a little too far I'm afraid... what about everyone Else's freedom of religion... do these normal, and by normal I mean non-psychotic people, have the right to mourn their losses in the fashion that THEIR religion warrants without interference from some radical CULT! If you feel really ambitious I urge you to check out their FAQ page. They have some great answers, again mostly in Bible Verse but I find it amusing that you can ask a question about the forgiveness of sins and the answer always some how comes back to hating "FAGS" and when asked why they use the word Fags they refer to it not as a term of hate but they say that they use it because it is a metaphor used in the scriptures, that it is not name-calling. Funny Fag is not name calling but they also call a Dr. a "Silly Woman" they use the term above for the victims of the plane crash and I'll name a few more: they call the queen of England a "Whore", Australians are "Freaks" and " insincere, violent, feces-eating brutes".. the list goes on and on but you expect me to believe that using this insane kind of name calling that using the word fag is only because it is in the Bible... give me a break. These people enrage me.
Most of you know from previous posts or just by knowing me that I was raised Catholic... this is not the God that I was taught of ... what happened to the golden rule? (Which by the way they make reference to in another question they answer)... so am I to believe that they then would like to be called all these names and they would like to be treated with the disrespect that they are showing these people who are mourning the loss of their loved ones. I firmly believe that God is more concerned with how you live your life, how you treat other people and if you make a difference in this world than he is with how you choose to worship or even more so who you sleep with! If you listen to these people Heaven is going to be a very lonely place and I would rather be in Hell. From what I understand the founder of this "church" is Pastor Fred Phelps and his congregation has about 70 people in it, most of whom are in Phelps' extended family... sounds like heaven is going to be a Phelps family reunion in their eyes doesn't it? Count me OUT! Stay tuned tomorrow for my take on their view of soldiers!!