Thursday, June 23, 2005


So here it is... I have about 5 minutes if that to write. It's Angela's birthday and we are all going out for a while. I have decided that my blog is not living up to it's name so I am going to focus on more radical things with the occasional update on my life too. So since I don't have the time now this is just an update but that is the future plan. Hopefully once I get done with all this school shit I will have the time to really look at the news and critique it but until then... alas I am stuck. Anyway, school is going pretty well. I didnt' get nearly enough done tonight.. too many interruptions but I am hoping that the quiz tomorrow will be ok anyway and then I will have some time to work some more on my paper before meeting with beth tomorrow night. Yes that's right I am meeting with beth and she is finally getting a look at all the work I really haven't gotten around to on my thesis yet. Oh well I have been working on it the last couple of days and pounding out some more pages of the actual paper at least. I guess we will see how it all goes. I didn't get through the books that I was supposed to be looking at for her but I did get through some of them and I have notes on them of stuff I want to plug in and if I finish plugging them in than I guess maybe I don't have to bring any evidence of how much I didn't actually read... I dont know maybe it is just me but I really felt like a lot of this stuff just wasn't relevant at all but then again I guess Beth knows better than me. Tara is buckeling down and she has gotten quite a bit done on her thesis so I am proud of her... I just wish I could do the same... I am so focused on being done with school that the things that have to get done before I can be done just aren't on my mind for some reason but you know what... Bren you are right... I just have to focus on this stuff for another 2 months and I am done with it so I guess I really have to put all that work energy that I have into the schoolwork for the time being. So yeah that's it about school I guess because quite frankly... I dont want to even talk about it anymore :(

So incase you guys didn't see it I now have a link up to my puppy's new blog... he's so cute so if you guys want to take a look at how the puppy is going and all the fun little things like pictures etc... check it out. If for some reason you can't use my links... the website is check it out and let me know what you think... comments are always welcome lol... unless you are going to say that Bren and I are too obsessed with the dog... cause we already know that lol. Ok well I guess it is time to be going and meeting up with those friends of mine that I rarely see anymore... Off I go and a good night to all. :)

Thursday, June 02, 2005


So here I sit at school again killing time before it is time to run off to abnormal psych. We have a test today so that should be fun. That means at the very least that I should be getting out a little bit early.. yay. Oh and lets see... I have a quiz in Mythology tomorrow... well every friday and they suck... I definitly failed the first one.. it was ridiculous.. i wish I was taking it with the same professor everyone else took it with... at least I hear he was fun.. .but no I have the graduate student.. dude look like a lady ;) so I don't know what I am going to do. I guess that means I am going to be studying my ass off after I get out of psychology tonight because I don't know anything that she wants us to know. I have to have a response paper in to her by monday and that class is just driving me nuts.. I mean it's really interesting and it would be a lot of fun if I wasn't too busy stressing over her insane expectations of what 90% of the class who have never had a greek nor mythology class in their lives are supposed to know... she is filling every class to the brim with stuff with a ton of reading every night and she expects us to know and absorb every tidbit from it for these damn tests... and we are not talking have a general knowlege... no she wants the specifics... it's crazy... excuse me for not knowing the greek word for truth.. what relevence does that have... ahhh... ok so enough ranting about that class.. I have about 15 minutes to get to my other class and then decide where I am going to go to study afterwards... stupid summer hours... the library is only open til 9... wtf. Ok so Jessie is with Jessica again and that's great... gives me a little bit of a break and some free time ... well if you consider classes and studying to be freetime. So I ran her in to Aunt Ellen's and Uncle Ken's house tonight and Aunt Ellen stopped me to let me know that we are going to be their bowling partners for the upcoming season... starting in like late august early september.... haha I'm going to be in a bowling league.. should serve to be interesting. Ok well I really should go but just a little reminder to everyone out there as to why I am SOOOO excited about this upcoming weekend... PRIDE!!!! Enough to put anyone in a better mood.. at least if you ask me. Love you baby.... hope you are having fun at work and hopefully I will have gotten enough studying done by the time that I pick you up that we will be able to get some stuff done before we go to sleep... the house is a disaster... ok bye for now :)