Saturday, March 11, 2006

Mardi Gras... and the day after

Ok so let me start this post by saying that I do not regret going out for mardi gras at all but the day after was living hell...

Mardi Gras was a lot of fun this year. I guess it doesn't take a lot to make you happy when you spend most of your life at work and you never seem to see the light of day. It was good to see cousin Jen we need to hang out more often I miss you!!! Tara, Brenda and I set out to meet cousin Jen at Cozumel with me as the DD and all set for an early night of fun because I had to get up and be at work by 6:45 in the morning. So we were waiting for Jen and I was talking to the creepy, drunk guy outside cozumel who wouldn't seem to leave us alone. Jen came out and then he wished us all a happy Mardi Gras and we were on our way. We bar hopped alot trying to find people we knew with not much luck at all. Jen and I did manage to load ourselves up with beads though ;) If you want to see the pictures check out Jens blog at then finally at the end of the night things got a little more exciting we went over to Roxy's for the second time of the night and found Shan, Angela, Jen, Jackie, Christina and a few others. Cousin Jen, Tara, and Jackie managed to get them selves T-shirts though I will leave it up to your imagination as to what they had to do for them :) Well seeing as Roxy's was our last stop and it is the first place we really knew anybody we ended up haning out there a bit too long and by the time I dropped everyone off at their houses and picked up J from the babysitters I only got about 3 hours of sleep. Which leads me to the day after Mardi Gras

Well the fist shift of the day at the YWCA was not too bad... kids were crazy as usual but nothing out of the ordinary. Then I headed to edukids where my lead teacher in the room was away for the week and if you have ever dealt with a room full of two year olds than you know that they need structure and consistancy or everything goes to hell. Well needless to say the consistency and the structure was gone with out the lead teacher there and the kids were more than a little wild. I guess it didn't help much that the girl who was subbing for us the day before decided to quit and not come back which left us short on our child to teacher ratio as well. Ok so I get through that part of the day and I am walking out the door talking to my boss when I told her that I actually went out the night before and was exhausted she said "See you are in that married with a child lifestyle and you just don't get to do those things anymore" wow another one for the list of things that make you feel old post right there. So I go on my merry way trying to stay awake and I get to the YWCA for my second shift of the day which is agian a little hectic. I told them that I was tired, that I hadn't gotten much sleep and that I might be a little grouchy thinking that maybe... just maybe they would send me home early and let the guy that they always send home early stay to his scheduled time... which is the same as mine. So I go about my business when a coworker pulls me aside and says "well Lori you have monkey's on your underwear don't you" Shocked and a little appauled I say yes and she says that there is a rip in the back of my pants and I should go check it out... red faced and embarrassed I go down to the bathroom to find that the rip was not as bad as she made it sound but alas you could see the monkey. So luckily I was wearing a sweater to work that day and I took it off tied it around my waste and went back to work. Told my boss thinking now she has to let me go home right?!?!? WRONG!!! she says well you can't tell with the sweater!! AHHHHHH Ok so didn't really want to go to the gym today cause I usually play with the kids in the gym and I didn't want to dissappoint them when I was down there and tell them that I didn't feel like playing with them today but low and behold guess who gets sent down to the gym. So sitting in the gym trying not to move too much cause I dont' want the kids to see the rip in the back of my pants..... and l stand up to do something, sit back down and hear.... rrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiippppppppppppp!!! "FUCK" back to the bathroom to find that the little rip up by my wasteline was now from my waist ban all the way down to my knees... in other words there was no longer a back to my pants. Get up go tell my boss now she has to send me home first this is like a liability right??? NO again she says well I really can't see it with the sweater like that. so I continue to work the day with my ass hanging out. (Meanwhile I think every single one of my coworkers asked me to see the rip because "it can't be that bad"... yeah right in your dreams). So push comes to shove and I sit sedintary for the rest of the day. 5:30 rolls around and my boss sends the other guy home and as a slap in the face as he walks out the door he says "Wow it's gonna be cold when you walk to the car later" and he leaves. GRRRRR.. so now I am stuck because there are only two of us left which is the minimum that we can have and then to top it off the mother of the student I who's always there the latest comes to get her late... so I walk out the door at about 6:05 and drive to go get Jessie at the gym only to find out that I am going to be sitting in the car waiting for Brenda to take her out and then waiting somemore til Brenda goes on her break so that I cna see her at least once the entire day and so by the time I got home it was around 8:30 got the kid to bed and was fast asleep by 9:00. And then miraculously the day from hell seemed a little funnier when i woke up!!!

Sorry I know it took me a long time to post this but I figured it had to go up :)


Jen(nifer) said...

Always wear a good bra on mardi Gras. Lesson learned. :)

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